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Full Life One

Nexagen Xtracts All-Natural Wellness System

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Xceed Multi Next Generation - $60.95


Water - Nutritional Support

Xceed Multi is enriched with a unique blend of antioxidants, super foods and herbal extracts to build health and ensure adequate nutrition during low-calorie dieting.

Xceed Multi, Jr - $50.95


Water - Nutritional Support

Xceed Multi, Jr. is formulated to provide the micronutrients vital for adequate pediatric physical and mental development with a balanced blend of 12 vitamins and 17 essential minerals in fun animal shapes.

Fat Burn Xcelerator Next Generation - $58.95


Earth - Weight Management

Fat Burn Xcelerator Next Generation blends metabolic and thermogenic stimulants with additional complementary ingredients to kick-start fat mobilization and calorie burning - and keep it going throughout the day.

Corterra Xcel - $55.95


Earth - Weight Management

Corterra Xcel is Nexagen USA's all-natural weight reduction product designed to help moderate your body's response to chronic stress and associated weight gain.

Energy Dynamix II Next Generation - $55.95


Fire - Energy Boost

Energy Dynamix II Next Generation provides a quick, all-natural energy boost.

Cell Energy Elixir - $69.95


Fire - Energy Boost

Cell Energy Elixir Next Generation features maximum potency and a patent-pending flavor system to deliver safe, effective results for people of all ages with increased energy needs

AquaCal Xtra Next Generation - $55.95


Water - Nutritional Support

AquaCal Xtra Next Generation, AquaMinŽ Calcium Formula offers a superior mineral profile to traditional coral calcium formulas.

Mood Harmonix Next Generation - $55.95


Sky - Mood Management & Mental Sharpness

Mood Harmonix is the natural solution to occasional anxiety - - without harmful drugs!

Synergex Men - Synergex Woman
Couple's Pack - $ 119.99

Soul - Pleasure

Used in tandem, Synergex formulas are designed to reinforce mutual intimate pleasure. Purchase Synergex Man and Synergex Woman in our convenient Couples Pack and save $10.00 if purchased separately.


Synerqex Woman - $ 64.99

Synerqex Man - $ 64.99

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