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About the Ingredients

The Jen Fe Next Patch formula contains a selected blend of ingredients designed to work synergistically - that means you'll achieve maximum results quickly, without irritating side effects or complicated routines. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet and moderate, regular exercise, all of these ingredients help you to shed unwanted pounds - safely and effectively.

About ForsLean®

ForsLean, an extract of the herb Coleus Forskohlii, contains the substance forskolin. Forskolin mobilizes fat and stimulates the thyroid, and unlike like the popular diet aid ephedrine, forskolin does not have ephedrine's potentially dangerous side effects such as increased blood pressure, heart palpitatations, nervousness and jitteriness.

What's more, as the body ages, it loses its sensitivity to weight loss stimulating substances such as caffeine, insulin and thyroid. The action of Forskolin has been shown to append this loss of sensitivity, restoring a youthful, fat burning metabolic rate. This is a definite advantage for people over age 40, for whom diets and diet pills seem less effective.

Finally, forskolin has been shown to preserve lean mass during weight-loss diets. This is significant, since it is known that much of the weight lost during dieting is often the lean tissue - the muscle tissue that gives the body shapeliness and that burns calories. This is the primary reason why dieters often end up in worse shape, even though total bodyweight is lower.

About ChromeMate ® (chromium poly-nicotinate)

ChromeMate is an effective, natural form of chromium, linked with the B-vitamin niacin. An essential trace mineral, Chromium helps the body burn calories, promotes fat and weight loss and preserves lean tissues.

Chromium helps the body normalize itself metabolically, and sets the stage for safe and steady weight loss. Most Americans, who eat too much refined carbohydrate and fat, develop a condition which sends calories to fat cells for storage instead of to muscle cells for energy production. Not only does this condition cause the body to store calories as fat, it also increases harmful fats and cholesterol in the blood. Chromium, combined with an adequate diet and exercise program, helps to reverse this condition. With adequate chromium the body can send calories to the "right places" again, and help the body stay in fat-burning mode. Chromium also helps keep an appetite in check.

About Guarana

The herb Guarana (Paullina cupana) is a great source of the energizing, fat-mobilizing substance caffeine. The caffeine in one Jen Fe Next Patch - about the same as you would find in an average-sized cup of tea & helps the body move fats out of storage and into the blood where they can serve as a source of energy. Using fat for energy spares the sugar in muscles and the liver, and helps keep up muscle strength and endurance during your diet. Caffeine also helps to increase epinephrine (adrenalin) levels in the blood. Epinephrine boosts attention, alertness, blood sugar and energy, while damping appetite. Aside from caffeine, Guarana is a rich source of epicathechin and proanthocyanidins.

Epicathechin is recognized as the potent antioxidant and health-protector in green tea, while the benefits of proanthocyanidins in red wine are widely known. In addition to protective effects, epicatechin itself boosts metabolism and calorie burning.

About Cosmoperine®

The Nexagen USA Research and Development Team has maximized the efficacy of ForsLean and the overall effectiveness of the Jen Fe Next Patch by increasing the ingredient transdermal uptake through the addition of Cosmoperine®, the active ingredient of black pepper and long pepper. Cosmoperine allows the Jen Fe Next Patch to offer increased delivery and patch performance without compromising factors like gentleness or skin irritation. Homeopathically potentiated thyreodinum extract also helps maintain the careful balance Jen Fe Next Patch is known for.

Jen Fe Fat Loss Power

Designed for maximum control and strength, the Jen Fe Fat Loss Power Patch from Nexagen USA takes weight management to the next level with a new, larger size, more ForsLean® and two powerful new ingredients: 5-HTP and diiodotyrosine.

About 5 - HTP

5- HTP is an amino acid produced by the African plant Griffonia simplicifolia that acts as a natural and powerful appetite suppressant. What makes 5-HTP most remarkable is that its appetite suppressant effects are macronutrient-specific. For example, increased intake of carbohydrates can cause a sleepy feeling due to increased serotonin levels. Nervousness can cause people to crave carbohydrates, possibly due their serotonin elevating properties and thus, carbohydrate craving can be viewed as a deficit in serotonin. This theory is supported by weight loss studies using 5-HTP: carbohydrate calories were reduced, but not protein or fat calories, making 5-HTP ideal for those on low-carbohydrate diets.

About Diiodotyrosine

Thyroid function is critical to metabolism and weight management. During dieting, the body inevitably slows down production of the thyroid gland's hormones T3 and T4 in an attempt to keep the body in equilibrium. Dieters are forced to reduce calorie intake to the point where the body starts to use muscle glycogen as a source of energy. Diiodotyrosine, a building block for T3 and T4, can assist the thyroid gland to maintain its function and help preserve lean muscle.

These dynamic ingredients are absorbed slowly through the skin to stimulate your body's metabolism. The result is a safe and easy way for you to increase your energy levels and, with proper diet and exercise, achieve a whole new level of wellness!

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